The disappearing (and reappearing) nap

January 19, 2011

As the mommy of a 15-month-old, I’ve become witness to the exasperating disappearance of the morning nap.  One day it’s there, the next–  gone. But then it’s back again.  And then it’s gone, along with the afternoon nap.   And then, for a couple of glorious days they’re both back!  And then… gone.  When my husband, Sean, asks me what my son and I have planned for the following day, my answer becomes a mumbled succession of errands and activities, partly because I’m trying to work through possible scenarios in my head, but then ending in the conclusive statement, “It depends on his naps.”  Sean had lost my train of thought three football highlights ago, and I begin to wonder if I’m alone in living the life ruled by the ambiguous yet omniscient nap.  I’m happy and relieved when, arriving at a coffee shop with my son to meet up with another mom, she calls to tell me she’s running late– “Anthony refused to eat lunch, then he had this huge messy diaper right after I dressed him, and you know, his naps have been so inconsistent lately…”


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